Bad Idea? Sewing With A Baby

by Nadine on August 5, 2015

A few weeks ago, Ursula had an impressive afternoon nap. The unexpected time to myself – paired with new-mama superwoman endorphins – inspired me to make a skirt. We had two weddings fast approaching, and my nursing-friendly wardrobe options were limited.

I downloaded a cute pattern, washed and dried some stretch chambray I had in my stash. and…she woke up.

I bought a skirt.

Those weddings have come and gone, as has that supernatural surge of energy and, sadly, Ursula’s siesta skills. But the pile of uncut fabric still remains.

And I still want to sew.

Yesterday, a serger arrived in the mail.

No more fraying seams. No more fear of knits. Now I just need to convince the kid to nap more. (Or at all. I’ll take what I can get at this point.)

Wish me luck!

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