Meeting My Childhood

by Nadine on November 13, 2012

Nerd alert.

Matt and I went for a walk to the bank this afternoon. (Perks to working from home include being able to run midday errands while the sun is still out.) On our way back through Roncesvalles — Note to self: Someday, somehow, buy a house in that neighbourhood — Matt suggested a coffee break.

He sipped espresso, I ordered an eggnog-flavoured cup of joe, and we sat in a back corner. A few minutes into our impromptu midday date, I noticed a waitress walk by carrying two cookies. I was distracted. I want a cookie! My cookie-following gaze led me to its intended customer.

I froze.

I grinned stupidly.

I made Matt look to his left, then said aloud, “I was checking out those wreaths behind you. I think I want to make an ornament wreath for our front hall,” as if covering my weird look-over-the-shoulder tick.

Then I texted my across-the-table husband: “I think FRED PENNER is sitting beside us.”

Yep. He was. Eating a cookie.

Swap out the guitar for a cookie, and this is what he looked like.

I had zero nerve to speak to him. None.

As we got up to leave, Matt turned around to SHAKE HIS HAND.


MATT: …and this is my wife, Nadine.
ME: My brother says you’re the greatest guitar player to ever climb through a log and talk to a bird.
FRED “ALWAYS AWESOME” PENNER: (laughing) That’s a pretty narrow category.

Phew. He didn’t roll his eyes at me.

And then he did what all respectable Canadian musicians do: He invited us to his show on Thursday.

And, yes, I’ll probably be there.

From Joel:

Matt says he’s chuffed.


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