Picture Book Fashion: The Cat In The Hat

by Nadine on January 5, 2017

If you’re over at our house and Ursula starts yelling “Hat! Hat!” in your direction, she probably wants you to get out the Dr. Seuss.

A perk to having kids is the frequent delightful nostalgic high you get from rereading your childhood favourites. And this page in particular always made me very happy.

I still want that dress.

Here’s how to get it, sans retro collar. (Sadly. I guess scalloped collars aren’t in right now? Time to DIY one.)

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Fortunately for my wallet, this one’s sold out.

Or source a vintage pattern and make the dress. Out of this, maybe? (I want to sew in 2017. More on that later.)

Who needs Vogue when you’ve got Seuss?

P.S. Here’s how to dress like the girl from We’re Going On A Bear Hunt,  Mama BearLady TashaMadeline, and the mom from Love You Forever.

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