Sugar Rush

by Nadine on November 28, 2012

Last Saturday was the first of many family Christmases. I made very sweet things.

Here’s how to make your own. If you like chocolate and cherries, you will fall into a happy, happy sugar coma.

I made these coconut macaroons again this afternoon. (We’re headed to a potluck tonight. Kids, growing up means potlucks and brunch.)

I have discovered that marriage has made me annoyingly transparent. I can’t hide those SSBs (Secret Single Behaviours) anymore.

Matt knows when I eat [only] sweet potato fries for lunch. Or if I down three Diet Cokes in a row. Or if I lick EVERY BOWL AND SPOON after popping my baking into the oven.

Matt called from work this afternoon.

MATT: Hey, babe. Thought I’d call to fill you in on—
ME: [Interrupting] I’m eating chocolate icing out of the bowl!
MATT: Okay.

Sigh. At least my vices will never spiral into secret addictions….

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