Weekend Reading Vol. 12: Oscars Edition

by Nadine on March 3, 2018

My dress picks for this year’s Oscars. Dark and powerful. ‘Cause #TimesUp.

I haven’t posted one of these since last May. But believe me: I’m still reading the internet.

It’s the Oscars on Sunday. Don’t call me. I won’t answer.


“They Got the Wrong Envelope!”: The Oral History of Oscar’s Epic Best Picture Fiasco. Never forget. (The Hollywood Reporter)

This Is What Being A Seat Filler At The Academy Awards Is Like. In case you were wondering. (Refinery 29)

Recapping the 1998 Academy Awards, the Biggest Oscars Ever. I remember this year. Which means I’ve been watching the Oscars for TWO DECADES. I’m old. And still love Celine. (Vanity Fair)

Fug Flashback: The 2008 Academy Awards. Because I love a good fashion retrospective. (Go Fug Yourself)

Other good reads:

5 Authors on How, Why and Where They Write. I’m getting restless, creative-outlet-wise. I wanna write again, Clarence! (Man Repeller)

The Michelle Obama portrait is striking — and so is the gown she wore for it. This is its story.  The dress is cotton! I am in love. And miss the Obamas dearly. (The Washington Post)

Whatever happened to Brendan Fraser? This interview gets pretty heavy at times. But it needs to be read. (GQ)

Throwing it all away. Also wondering what happened to Ken Pagan, the infamous beer-tosser? Now you know. (CBC News)

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