Weekend Reading Vol. 13: Con Artists, Pinterest Houses & a Sprinkle Pool

by Nadine on April 28, 2018

There’s a Museum of Ice Cream, guys. WITH A SPRINKLE POOL.

Hello! I’m still here! Currently figuring out a bit of a site redesign — and figuring out a plugged duct situation.

(Breastfeeding is no joke. Even the second time around. Fun mom hack: wet a clean diaper and pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Tada! Instant heating pad. Then nurse/pump like your life depended on it.)

Here’s what I’ve been reading while I ignore the boob pain:

Rebecca Harrington on Why Buying a Multicolored Couch with Animals Doing Drugs on It Was Not the Best Idea. A cautionary tale. We have a new house in need of new furniture. Sometimes, after looking at a whole lotta photos of almost-identical design schemes, it’s tempting to “go bold.” (Architectural Digest)

Related: Beware the Pinterest House. (Architectural Digest)

Why Do Millennial Moms Have So Many House Plants? We just welcomed a baby aloe vera into our family. Even though the snake plant badly needs repotting and a succulent just died. MORE PLANTS, PLEASE. (Romper)

The Perfect Man Who Wasn’t. A terrifying/fascinating read. (The Atlantic)

My Bright-Lights Misadventure With a Magician of Manhattan. Two stories about con artists in one week! Fake rich people are the worst. (Vanity Fair)

This Cake Is for the Party. A great short story. I should read more of these. (The Walrus)

The Post-Millennial Generation Is Here…and they’re working at the Museum of Ice Cream. Um, I’d totally swim in a pool of sprinkles. And then get creeped out over hygiene issues. (The Atlantic)

Beauty Uniform: Alex Williams. I love Cup of Jo’s Joanna Goddard. And her husband. I had an Alex Williams sighting in the West Village a few years ago. I was too shy to say “hey” or “I loved your article about baby names in the New York Times.” As a general rule, I’m a social chicken. Which should be the name of my band: Social Chicken. (Cup of Jo)

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