Weekend Reading Vol. 4: Conspiracy Theories & Grammar Rules

by Nadine on October 29, 2016

Still reading the Internet. It’s big!

[Photo: Atlas Obscura]

Inside the New York Public Library’s Last, Secret Apartments. I want to live in one. (Atlas Obscura)

The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture History. Avril Lavigne died in 2003?! Stevie Wonder isn’t blind?! J.K. Rowling is just an actress PRETENDING TO BE AN AUTHOR?! This article is a trip and a half. (Vulture)

Patton Oswalt: ‘I’ll Never Be at 100 Percent Again’. *sniffles* (The New York Times)

Museu de la Tècnica. Summary: A guy stumbles upon a typewriter museum, totally geeks out. (Twitter)

Patagonia’s On-Site Child Care Program Is Basically Eden for Children—and Their Parents. Patagonia is awesome. Again. (Slate)

How to Make Your Last Name Plural This Christmas Season. Stop with the apostrophes already! (Slate)

(You already know this grammar rule, right?)

I waited 96 years. These women were born before women could vote. Guess who they’re voting for.

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